About the HERO Conference

Manhood is under attack from all sides. Political correctness and decades of blurred lines have caused men to lose their place in this world. It takes the strength of a HERO to stand up and be the man that God intended. The HERO Conference gives men the time to focus on what God wants for them. Through a perfect blend of challenging teaching, refreshing activities, and the chance to shut the world out and listen to God, the HERO Conference will spur you on and help you begin or continue your journey to true Biblical manhood. A HERO is a man who is Hopeful, Engaged, Ready, and Obedient. Do you have the courage to step up and be the HERO that your family, your community and this world so desperately needs?



August 25 & 26


Dry Gulch USA, OK


36.384840 N, -95.140372 W


“...Mighty hero, the LORD is with you!

- Judges 6:12




Marty   Sloan

Pastor Marty Sloan is the Lead Pastor of Harvest Time. He and his wife, Becky, have two sons, Chandler and Landon. He is passionate about reaching, engaging, embracing, and growing real people so that they can have a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ. In his pastoral role, he is a marriage mentor, life coach, and strong advocate for national and global missions.


Marty also speaks across the country, sharing his passion for the truth of God’s Word. He is a cutting edge communicator who proclaims the message of Jesus Christ in a way that is culturally relevant and life transforming with a strong emphasis on the basics of Christianity.


Shannon O'dell

Shannon O'Dell is a devoted husband and father of four. People know him as innovative, inspiring and committed to reaching out to struggling rural churches and mentoring marriages. Shannon believes that your marriage is a mirror of your relationship with Christ.  He has served Brand New Church as senior pastor for over ten years in Bergman, Arkansas, a small community of just over 400 people. Brand New Church has grown from 31 to 2000 members with multiple campuses and a powerful church app under Shannon's leadership. He is the author of Transforming Church in Rural America and Founder of the marriage event Romance Uncensored.

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